JBL released the new TWS120 wireless earphones that hosted a whole range of different colours. We were tasked to sell the earphones to different audiences, making use of the variety of colours to attract them. Your colour, your life. We decided to pick 2 colours that were available in Singapore and translated the message through magically transforming our female lead, dressed in the featured colours to showcase different personalities.

JBL was launching their new range of products aimed at the fitness fanatics. We were asked to showcase these new products based on each of their unique USPs that catered to different categories of athletics. We chose to drive our messaging through using 4 different KOLs that had the power to inspire. Each of these individual KOLs have their unique group of followers and we decided to use that to cater to a variety of consumers.Our main aim is to showcase how each of the different earphones could be that extra push that will take your performance to the next level.

JBL was launching a new series of wireless audio products into the market and they wanted us to figure out a way that would encourage consumers to make the switch. We took all our personal experiences when it came to dealing with wired audio products and created a series that invoked humour and was relatable to people. We dramatised the scenarios to exaggerate the ill effects of wired headphones and thus showcasing the benefits of wireless audio products that would push people to consider the switch.

The first range of kids headphones released by JBL that were vibrant in colours, safe for the little one's ears and stickers to let them decorate and customize their own headphones. We were asked to help sell these headphones by appealing to the parents. We decided to build our set and make into a playground for the kids to enjoy and brought in a huge gift box that was hidden from the kids, to give the element of surprise when we release the cover to reveal the headphones tied to. That happiness we captured is what we want parents to understand and feel, so that they too, will rush out and get these headphones for their kids!

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